Dog groomers in Beverley near Hull

Happy Hounds dog groomers in Beverley, near Hull offer a number of services for you to choose from including; Full Groom, Puppy’s First Groom, The Inbetween Session and Just Nails. Prior to any groom, we will always discuss with you how you want your dog to look, taking into account your dog’s lifestyle, age, coat condition and health.

A ‘pre groom health check’ of your dog’s skin and coat will allow us to identify any lumps, bumps, skin tags or infections that your dog may have. We believe this is the most important step in the process of any groom, all of which plays a large part in ensuring your dog leaves Happy Hounds looking their best.


Telephone: 07711 861937

Dog kennels and dog groomers in Beverley, East Yorkshire

Full Groom

Puppy’s First Groom

The sooner you familiarise your puppy to the different smells and sounds in a grooming environment, the more relaxed and happy your puppy will be on each visit! They will soon get into the swing of things.

Feel free to bring your puppy down to meet Tracey and we can discuss your requirements.

Please note that your puppy will need all of the necessary vaccinations before their first groom.

The Inbetween Session

Great for an overall spruce up, and the best option to keep your dog looking and smelling lovely between their regular full grooms. This type of session suits most breeds.

Happy Hounds dog kennels and dog groomers in Beverley, East Yorkshire