Dog kennels and dog grooming in Beverley near Hull

"Happy Hounds" is a boutique boarding kennel and dog grooming facility based in Beverley and is owned and run by Chris and Tracey Southern.

As an experienced dog owner, breeder and trainer, Tracey has run a well-regarded dog-grooming and dog day-care facility for many years. Chris has a similar life-long experience and love of dogs and after years running a successful business he has joined Tracey in providing a professional, caring facility.

As dog owners with 3 lovely Labradors Tracey and Chris understand the concerns when entrusting the care of a pet to others. Their approach is all about creating an environment in which they would be happy to leave their own dogs and just like you they expect high standards of care and cleanliness.

Telephone: 07711 861937

Dog kennels and dog groomers in Beverley, East Yorkshire

Happy Hounds dog kennels and dog groomers in Beverley, East Yorkshire

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