Daily Routine

For your interest and peace of mind, here is an overview of a typical daily routine that your pet will enjoy whilst in our care:

7.00am – Wakey Wakey – Rise and Shine!

Immediately on opening the kennels and waking our guests, all of the hatches in their sleeping areas are opened, enabling direct access to their own private ‘en-suite’ run so that they can toilet and stretch their legs. The hatch is left open for the duration of the morning feed and periodically during the entire day.  The hatches are always closed during bad weather and NEVER left open at night.

7am to 8am – Breakfast is Served

Your dog will be fed exactly what they have at home and what you provide. This is very important as dogs do not like a sudden changes of diet as this can often lead to anxiety and cause an upset stomach resulting in diarrhoea or loose stools. Exercise and physical enrichment sessions take place at least one hour after feeding to prevent any indigestion or bloat. Fresh water is given or topped up as necessary. We can provide our own food for you and this will charged at £2.50 per dog per day.

8am to 10am – Check you out!

From 8:00am to 10am – we are open for dogs coming (checking in) and going (checking out), including daycare guests.

During this time we clean and tidy every kennel. Vacated kennels are deep cleaned (this process includes a comprehensive sanitation cleanse with our commercial hot steamer) in preparation for new guests.

During the morning clean, our guests are let out individually, or with their pack family member which is usually an off-lead gallop in one of our five secure paddocks. Once their kennel is cleaned and sanitised the dog returns to its kennel.

10.30am to 3pm – Come and say hello and view our facilities

New customers are very welcome to come and view the kennels – this is a good time to chat to you and discuss any specific needs and of course we can show off our great facilities.  Other duties include brushing and fussing dogs, cleaning walkways, windows, sterilising drinking and feeding bowls, washing any bedding that has become ‘doggie’ and general maintenance. During this time, we are monitoring and recording doggie behaviour and updating our client database in readiness to give you feedback.

10.30am to 12.30pm – Physical and Mental Enrichment – Part 1

Enrichment / activity sessions take place in any of our five outdoor paddocks. We follow your specific instructions as discussed and agreed during your dogs checkin and in accordance with the information provided in the registration documentation. Dogs requiring a lunchtime meal will be fed. Water bowls are refreshed.

12.30pm to 2.30pm – Afternoon siesta …ZZZzzz

Most dogs at home sleep at this time of the day. With your dog having its own kennel room , they have their own private space so they will not be bothered or interrupted by any other guest. Each kennel building is left quiet leaving dogs to snooze and recharge those batteries, it also gives us time to catch up with other jobs, meet prospective customers and undertake site tours.

2.30pm to 4pm – Physical and Mental Enrichment – Part 2

Further enrichment / activity sessions take place in our outdoor paddocks. Water bowls are replenished (dogs love fresh water!).

4pm to 6pm – Say hello and wave goodbye & Dinner time!

Late afternoon mealtime! Again, feeding at least an hour after their exercise.

Also during this time there are new afternoon arrivals and departures.

6pm to 7.30pm – Night Night!

Preparation for bedtime. Comfort breaks and a last minute stretch of the legs,. Final replenishment of water bowls and the last poop pick-up of the day.

Close down each hatch in between the sleeping quarter and the outdoor run.

Preparation of kennels and associated paperwork for new guests scheduled for arrival the following day.

A trained member of staff is always on the premises, enabling immediate access to pets in our care 24 hours a day.

Customer Viewings

We welcome new customers to inspect our premises between the hours 10.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Sunday and whilst it’s not essential, we encourage you to contact us in advance of your visit just to make sure we are available to show you around.

As an extra security measure and to the protect our boarding guests and staff, photographic ID is required on entry into the kennel. To comply with Data Protection (GDPR Regulations), you will be formally asked for your consent for the provision of your personal information, unfortunately, failure to provide the appropriate level of identification will mean that entry to our kennels will not be allowed.

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