Dog Grooming Services

Happy Hounds has a dedicated onsite grooming spa, so why not take advantage of getting your dog pampered and groomed whilst in our care – ready for when you collect.

We also welcome specific grooming enquiries and take appointments for dogs who are not boarding.

The benefits of regular grooming extend well beyond improving their visible look, there are lots of health benefits too as regular grooming can help your dog get rid of the irritating shedding coat, open up their hair follicles and helps to keep their skin and coat in top condition. For additional information on coat condition, maintenance and the overall benefits of grooming – CLICK HERE

Regular professional grooming enables us to take a closer look for any parasites or abnormalities that may be present, such as lumps, bumps, cuts or grazes that the owner may not be aware of. If we identify anything, we will be sure to let you  know as it may be important that you take your dog to the vet to get it checked over.

It’s also really important that dog’s get used to the grooming process as puppies, particularly for breeds that require regular coat maintenance and trimming,  this will help the dog get less stressed (or aggressive) which ultimately will help to achieve a better over all result in terms of the finished groom – and of course makes for a Happier Hound!

The Happy Hounds Spa offer’s a range of different grooming treatments for every stage of your dogs life. We can style and trim to specific breed standard or to meet the specific needs of your dog. We offer a Full Groom or an Interim Min – Groom to help keep your dogs coat in tip top condition in between full grooms or where a cost effective ‘wash and spruce’ is required with no clipping or styling.

A guideline price will be quoted on booking and is based on the size, temperament, condition of the dog’s coat and the amount of work required to achieve the desired groom.

Full Groom


  • Basic health check
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears & Eyes cleaned
  • Anal glands checked*
  • Two thorough washes / rinse – followed by a coat specific conditioning treatment with the world class Requal Vital-Prof dog shampoo products
  • Completely dried and thorough brush through and de-shed (coat and breed specific conditions apply)
  • Trim and styling according to breed standard or customer requirement
  • All grooms are completed with an aromatherapy cologne spritz, leaving your dog smelling great!!

Interim Mini – Groom (no styling or clipping)

A service especially suited for short haired breeds or for a mini-groom on long haired coats which includes deep cleansing and conditioning with K9 HydroExcel Hydro bath and our professional world class Requal shampoo’s and conditioners. This groom Includes:

  • Basic health check
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears & eyes cleaned
  • Anal glands checked*
  • Two thorough washes / rinse – followed by a coat specific conditioning treatment with the world class Requal Vital-Prof dog shampoo products
  • Completely dried and thorough brush through (it’s expected that your dog’s coat is in a reasonable condition, should your dog’s coat be matted, packed or knotty – in the interests of animal welfare, a thorough brush through may NOT be achievable as this could cause pain and distress for your dog. The condition of your dog’s coat will be assessed to determine if a Mini-Groom is achievable in a reasonable time frame).
  • All grooms are completed with an aromatherapy spritz, leaving your dog smelling great!!

*Anal glands are checked for healthy appearance only. It is the responsibility of your Veterinarian / Vet Nurse to express anal glands to ensure proper function and health.

Puppy Introduction and Spa Treatment

A puppy’s first pet grooming session is a most momentous occasion and it’s important to ensure that this experience is a positive as possible. The main objective of the puppy introduction is to familiarise them with the surroundings, sights and smells whilst receiving a Mini-Groom. We can also include a minor trim to the puppies face, paws and sanitary area too.

Happy Hounds strongly recommend that you give your dog a long walk and adequate exercise before you arrive for your grooming appointment, especially if their energy is high or they are the nervous type. Please try to ensure that your dog has toileted prior to arrival, this will help your pet feel calm and relaxed.

Whilst it’s not mandatory, prior to your first grooming appointment, we are delighted to offer a free consultation / familiarisation session to enable you to meet us and view our Spa facility for yourself. It also allows us to assess your dog’s coat condition, health, temperament and discuss your particular grooming requirements.

This information will be recorded and stored safely. It will be referred to each time your dog visits us. A health check and coat assessment will be carried out prior to each grooming session and your customer record will be updated accordingly. Whilst it is NOT preferred, it is optional for the owner / carer to be present during the health check.

Please note: If your dog’s coat is severely matted (dead undercoat clumped together) that grooming out would cause the dog distress and discomfort, removal of the coat with clippers or scissors may be necessary.

State of the Art – Hydro Washing and Bathing

We use a hydro bath that offers a hydro-combing action that not only thoroughly washes the dog, but also massages and stimulates the skin, which in itself gives therapeutic benefits. These benefits include relief to tired muscles, improved blood circulation, which has been found to be beneficial to dogs suffering with arthritis.

The water penetrates the dogs coat removing dirt and debris together with dry and dead skin – leaving it beautifully clean.

As the hydro bath uses less water, so it is also kind to the environment too.

Requal Vital-Prof Shampoo’s

Requal Vital-Prof is a professional shampoo for dogs with a restructuring and softening action for the dogs coat. The frequent use of the product strengthens and protects the keratin structure of the hair and skin and provides stunning results and finish. Different Requal Vital-Prof shampoo’s are used dependent on coat / skin type and this system of hygiene solutions is exclusively used by Happy Hounds.

Please click here for Happy Hounds Grooming Services Terms and Conditions

Your pet is groomed in compliance with our Animal Care Policy and in accordance with the physical and psychological NEEDS set out within the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


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