Our Customer Promise

Our Mission is to deliver a personal, loving and caring service – these three words reflect the positive, purposeful way we go about our business on your behalf. That’s what sets us apart. It also underpins our promises to you.

  1. First and foremost we treat EVERY pet in our care as if they are our own. Your pet’s care and wellbeing is our first priority.
  2. We operate within the Animal Welfare (licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 and in accordance with the prescribed stringent conditions set out by Government legislation.
  3. We take hygiene very seriously. We have a rigorous daily cleaning regime which is never compromised.
  4. We ensure that all pets in our care have up-to-date annual booster vaccinations, and whilst the Kennel Cough vaccine is recommended, it is NOT mandatory for guests to have this to be in our care. We also stipulate that all guests have had a recent worm and flea treatment prior to boarding.
  5. We use a market leading, electronic client database specific to the kennel industry. This enables us to check and quickly update important information about your pet, including, but not limited to; owner contact details (including emergency contact information), medical and vaccination details, dietary requirements and behavioural needs. We use this to help make our work processes be as efficient as possible – which in turn allows us to offer a first-class service to you.
  6. We are completely transparent in relation to pricing and services and we regularly research the market so we know our pricing structure is competitive and offers excellent value for money. Our overnight boarding charges are £22 per night (£16 per dog for two subsequent dogs sharing the same kennel) based on a checkout during the following morning (8am to 10am, Mon to Sat and between 9am to 12 Noon on Sundays). Checkout between 4pm to 6pm is classed as an additional days boarding. Our daycare boarding charge is £16.00 per dog and there is no multi dog discount for daycare guests sharing the same kennel. There is a £5.00 supplement per dog for all single night bookings (based on AM checkout the day following arrival). There is a £5.00 supplement per dog for all guests stopping overnight on Easter, Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays – see rate page for further details.
  7. We welcome customers to inspect our premises and whilst it’s not essential, we encourage you to contact us in advance of your visit, just to make sure we are available to show you around.
  8. For your peace of mind, we are registered with a local veterinary practise and have access to medical care 24/7.
  9. We employ a team of trusted and loving pet care professionals with life experience of living with dogs backed up with academic qualifications and emergency first aid training. In line with current Animal Welfare legislation, a trained member of staff is always on the premises – enabling immediate access to pets in our care 24 hours a day.
  10. We have robust health and safety procedures in place in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  11. We stringently abide by the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2007. Known as the FIVE Animal Needs, this encompasses, but is not limited to the following:
    • The need for a suitable environment, this is met by the provision of a comfortable, clean and appropriately sized kennel room that allows the dog to lie flat, sit and stand at full height.
    • The need for suitable diet, this is met by each dog being fed the correct quantity of food provided by their owner. Dogs will be fed separately in their own kennel room and where there is more than one family member sharing a kennel room, the dogs will be monitored to prevent any form of food aggression. Dogs requiring specific food due to their medical condition are happily catered for.
    • The need to exhibit normal behaviour patterns, this is met by enabling your socialised dog to have at least two off-lead play sessions per day with other compatible dogs, appropriate with its age, sex, health condition and temperament. Individual 1-2-1 human interactive sessions can also be accommodated for dogs that are not good around other dogs.
    • The need to be housed with or apart from other animals, this is met by ensuring that compatible pack family members boarding together can share the same kennel and be socialised together. Consent is obtained by owners agreeing that their dog can enjoy social / interactive play sessions with other compatible dogs. Should your dog start to fight or become unruly with other dogs (including their own family pack members) they may need to be separated for the duration of their stay.
    • The need to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease, this is met by, but not limited to maintaining stringent cleaning and sanitation regime and a rigorous preventative health care policy ensuring every dog in our care has a current vaccination certificate including worm and flea treatments prior to boarding. Our no-quibble approach to the health and wellbeing of our guests, means that owners MUST agree to our terms and conditions surrounding Veterinary Release Authorisation, in that if your dog requires medical attention in your absence, the appropriate authorisation is required to get the care it needs.

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