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Modern Boutique Style Boarding Facilities

Purpose designed and built in 2015 and extended in 2017, the facilities were created to fulfil the vision of providing an intimate service so that each guest receives a high level of stimulation, exercise and human interaction and that they feel safe, comfortable and stress free.

Our two bespoke  ‘brick and tile’ built kennel buildings offer a selection of single, double and triple kennel room accommodation, enabling family members of different breed sizes to board together. Each building is central heated and is tiled throughout with durable non-porous floor / wall tiles – making each kennel room comfortable, yet hardwearing and practical to keep clean and sanitised.

Each building has its own dedicated food preparation kitchen and storage area where your dog’s food and personal belongings will be kept safe and secure in containers.

Our one-acre site is completely surrounded by 2m high perimeter and interior security fencing, it’s fully alarmed and there is extensive CCTV across the site including the kennel buildings, the paddocks, carpark and entrance / exit points.

Furthermore, our generous, private carpark enables safe and hassle-free drop-off and collection.

Secure, Comfortable and Spacious Cozy Kennel Rooms

  • 30 individual brick and galvanized mesh constructed kennel rooms of varying sizes to cater for all breeds and temperament needs
  • Each kennel room has its own separate private out-door covered ‘en-suite’ run, enabling access for them to toilet, exercise and enjoy a change of scenery
  • Each kennel room has its own large UPVC double glazed outer window providing lots of natural day light
  • Individual raised dog bed and comfortable bedding material is provided
  • Stainless steel eating and drinking bowls are provided (please don’t bring your own)
  • Calming music / radio played throughout the day in the kennel buildings
  • Our onsite professional grooming spa is available to clean and dry guests after particularly mucky / wet play sessions. Specific grooms can also be booked during your dog’s stay, in readiness for their collection day.

Whilst a raised dog bed and bedding material is provided, you are also welcome to bring your own bed, blanket and toys. Please clearly mark all belongings and though we make every effort to ensure no item is lost, sometimes items may go missing, get chewed, broken or soiled. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for these items and reserve the right to dispose of any item that is damaged or beyond repair / cleaning. You must only provide toys that are suitable for your dog – any toys that may be chewed, destroyed or present a choking hazard – will not be left with your pet.

Secure Recreational Paddocks for Exercise and Mental Enrichment

We have five large self-contained, fully secure flood-lit paddocks that are used during the day to exercise your dogs. Four of the paddocks are grassed and one paddock is an all weather enclosure,  ideal when the weather is inclement.

Our paddocks are surrounded by 2m high metal fences that enclose the entire kennel facility for maximum security and to ensure no sneaky attempts to escape.

Group play sessions are extremely enriching for dogs that are able to interact socially off the lead with other dogs. If your dog gets on with other dog’s they will enjoy at least two 20 minute group play sessions each day – please note, extreme weather conditions, dog size and boisterous temperament factors will be considered and the dogs will be mixed appropriately.

Individual play sessions are available for guests who would prefer human company to the company of other dogs. They may not like other dogs, may have mobility or health issues or would just rather chase a ball or play tug. Just like us humans, all dogs are different and we can cater for the majority of individual needs.

Important Notice to Clients on Arrival

During busy check-in and check-out times, our reception and courtyard can get a little congested, so particularly on arrival, please leave your dog in your vehicle in our secure car park until the check-in process has been completed.

Please ensure that your dog is on a lead at all times when moving between the carpark and our Reception Courtyard / Reception Office.

Specific Dog Breeds Not Accepted for Overnight Boarding or Daycare

Whilst we would never want to tar “specific breeds of dog with the same brush” – from experience, we recognise that certain breeds of dog have been known to find the kennel environment challenging, resulting in increased stress for the dog, excessive reactivity, noise and disruption. We absolutely expect a degree of noise and barking – but excessive noise and disruption has a detrimental effect on other guests and in order to maintain a positive equilibrium WITH ALL GUESTS, regrettably, there are certain dog breeds where bookings will NOT be taken. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Huskies (and any crossbreed variation)
  • Dobermans (and any crossbreed variation)
  • Other none specific breed of dog with a natural propensity to excessively howl and bay.

For full details of our policy around excessive barking, noise and disruption – please refer to our Terms of Business for information.

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991: Dogs listed as a banned breed, namely: Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brazilierio and XL bully type dogs (and any cross breed variations) – Will not be accepted for any bookings. If there is any doubt that the dog booked in may fall into any of the breeds on the banned list, despite owners advising to the contrary, the dog will only be accepted to board on receipt of a verified veterinarian report that confirms that the dog does NOT meet ANY of the breed characteristics,  such as size and height and other such criteria as outlined on the government website: 

It is the owner’s responsibility to provide truthful and accurate information pertaining to All breed information, if there is any doubt, the booking will NOT be taken.

Should any dog arrive on site where, on appearance, the dog MAY be one of the dogs listed as a banned breed, the dog will not be accepted until we are in receipt of a verified veterinarian report stating that the dog does not meet any of the breed characteristics.


Please read our Terms and Conditions of Business carefully – if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your queries.

By signing and returning the Customer Registration Form, your participation constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Business.

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