Grooming Terms and Conditions of Business

All Prices Assume A Reasonable Condition and Temperament

Additional charges will apply for the extra time, products and equipment involved in grooming neglected coats, and for dogs whose temperament or health also requires more time to complete extending the duration of our maximum appointment time of 2½ hrs into our next customer appointment.

Aggressive dogs are not accepted

Where these circumstances are found to be the case and we cannot complete your pet in the duration of your appointment, an additional follow up appointment may be required to ensure your pet is groomed to comply with our salon policy on animal care; including its physical and mental state and to comply with the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

The health and condition of a dogs coat and skin are the responsibility of the owner (along with its socialisation, training, physical and psychological state of health). Professional grooming plays an important role in the commitment undertaken when choosing any breed of dog. This level of commitment is evident in the condition of the coat due to effective home grooming and temperament due to socialisation & training.

Where your pet’s behaviour is found to be unsuitable for the grooming environment, we can recommend a qualified canine behaviourist and training professional!

We are happy to arrange an appointment to meet the owner and dog for a free consultation before the first grooming appointment to assess condition and temperament. A health check and coat assessment is always carried out prior to each grooming session ideally with the owner or carer present, or we will contact you if the coat is found to be in a neglected condition once grooming commences.

Final Price

This will be determined taking all factors into consideration. A well cared for pet, which is maintained in a reasonable condition between grooming appointments and exhibits normal behaviour, is usually the price quoted.

If we cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 due to behaviour, aggressive or otherwise, we will call you to let you know. Fees may apply.

If we have bathed and dried your dog, but unable to complete the groom due to the temperament of your dog a small charge may still be charged and this will be discussed with you. If this is the case, behavioural training is normally recommended as a course of action for you to take.

No Shows/Missed Appointments without 24hrs notice may incur a fee and is payable at your next appointment.

Arriving 30 minutes or more late for appointments will, in most cases require re-scheduling and may incur a missed appointment charge.

Appointment Times

We kindly request that you arrive at the time of your appointment and pick your pet up in reasonable time once we have informed you that your pet is ready for collection.

Please ensure that your dog is on a lead at all times when moving between the carpark and the Happy Hounds Spa, particularly in our Reception Courtyard.

We abide by sector specific charters to demonstrate good code of practice, in particularly the Animal Welfare Act ‘Needs’ 2006

Please note: Dogs which are received into the Happy Hounds Spa demonstrating evidence of lack of adequate care and attention between appointments will no longer be accepted. This would go against our personal and professional code of practice regarding the pet owner taking reasonable steps to ensure their animal’s welfare needs are met.

Happy Hounds reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of service without prior notice.

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